brü at Your Brewery

You may be asking yourself, sign up for what? Well, we have a master plan where we want to branch out to more breweries and connect them with their fans. This app was created strictly to follow what was On Tap at the Tree House Brewing Co. in Monson, MA, but it doesn't have to stay taht way. Our plan is to get more breweries signed up and give the breweries more control over their space on the app.


Our main goal is to create a community around the amazing breweries popping up all over the country. The app will be a communication tool for the brewery to reach out to the fellow beer drinker and for the beer drinker to reach out to the brewery. Users can talk about everything under the sun regarding the brewery, and the brewery can post anything they want as well.

Love For Beer

Obviously the app was first created for the love of beer. We want the breweries to have a way of knowing how much their fans love their beers. Breweries can list every beer they have every made and users will rate those beers.

On Tap

The main goal for our app was to notify users when the On Tap listing was changed at the Tree House Brewing Co. This will live on with more breweries. You can list what is on tap at your tasting bar or what you have being released in cans. You, the brewery, will have control over what is posted in this section, and we can even integrate it right into your website if needed.

Contests and Fun

Another idea we had was to create contests to bring more people out to the breweries. Founded in CT, we have been lucky enough to be able to experience the CT Wine Trail and the Winery Passport contest held every year. I can't express how many vineyards I have only heard of and visited because of that Passport. We hope our app will do the same for the beer community.

Your acceptance of these terms

By using this App and/or Site, you signify your acceptance of this policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our App or Site. Your continued use of the App and Site following the posting of changes to this policy will be deemed your acceptance of those changes.

Costs That scary word! How much will this cost me, the brewery? Nada. Zip. Nothing... well maybe a beer when we come visit, if we are lucky? Our plan is to keep the app free for users and free for breweries. We know you aren't made of money. Just hops and glorious, glorious beer.

So are you still interested?

If you are interested in finding out when we plan to move forward with brü's next phase, please sign up below. We will be in contact with you as soon as we have some news. Thanks!