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About the App

Football Squares - Contender was designed to allow everyone to set up and run a Squares game without manually filling out a printed out piece of paper and then finding a way to send it back out to all the players. Instead, running a Squares game is now easy to do and doesn't have to only be once a year!

How to Use the App How to Play Squares

Free to Use

The app costs only $0.99 to host a game. For all users, the app is free!

Mobile Ready

The app works on both Android and iOS and can be found in both app stores.

Easy to Customize

Games are fully customizable, whether it is how many points are awarded per quarter or how many squares a player can select.

How to Use the App


Sign up or login to the app. You can use your email or Facebook login.


Create a new game or join an existing game. All you need is the game code and password.


Select the squares you want by tapping the screen.


Watch the game's score to see if you win. The app will update live!

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